We can provide the right construction.

Dalshult delivers turnkey projects for a number of different constructions.

We are an experienced provider for constructions of industrial properties, warehouses, riding stables and farm stables.

Surface construction

We have the resources to delivery high-quality and cost effective solutions. We are particulary experienced at excavation assignments.

Turnkey contract

Through our partners, we can provide the right construction for you with regard to quality, energy, labor and environmental requirements.

Excavation for water and electricity

We assist property owners with different types of a wide range of excavation work. Regardless or the challenges that the ground provides or the requirements of the customer – you can rely on Dalshult to solve your needs.


Through Dalshult’s roots in the green industries, we have collected experience in the construction of paddocks.

Road construction

We are keen to provide services for gravel roads as well as paved roads. We currently work for a broad range of customers including private landowners, counties and private companies. With our modern fleet and know-how, we can meet all needs for both construction and maintenance.

Wetlands / ponds

Our vast experience from land contracting and forestry makes Dalshult qualified to perform conservational efforts as well as create new landscape values. We have built many wetlands and ponds over the years. We can gladly provide reference objects.

Operation of recycling stations

Dalshult has experience of operating large scale recycling stations. To Dalshult, environment, machine handling and smart use of resources is a natural occurrence. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a high-quality and cost-effective solution.